Be A Hero In Your Coaching Business

I recently had a conversation with a new coach who was just starting out in her coaching practice. She was upset about a specific interaction she had run into and described this situation as one where she felt she was being "preyed upon" by somebody else. Although she had consciously chosen this encounter, she was deeply disturbed and clearly felt like a prey who was being victimized.

This made me think about the reality of so many, primarily female, coaches. I talk to many coaches all over the world every day and it always stands out to me how different mindsets create different results in these coaches businesses.  There are those that are on a "rescue mission", seeking to rescue the people that need their help. These coaches are not afraid of new encounters. They are open and willing to do whatever it takes to grow their business.

And then there are also the "victimized" coaches. These are the ones that live life, thinking that others are out to get them. They are so focused on themselves that it is difficult, if not almost impossible, for them to look beyond themselves to a world full of people that need them. 

Here's the blatant truth: It's not about you. 
Everybody loves the idea of being a Superhero. Being a hero requires a hero mindset. Superheroes don't go around thinking that they are a prey to anyone. They don't entertain a victim mentality. On the contrary, they look for ways to contribute and help the people around them. They don't allow fear to paralyze them or keep them stuck. Because their mission is to save the world.

What would look different in your coaching business if you decided to work your business as though you were on a rescue mission to save people?
A lot of coaches have the mentality that people that need them will come to them. Well, what about the person drowning out in the ocean? Are they able to FIND you while they are struggling to stay above water? No. You must FIND them! You must have your eyes, ears and heart open to their need to be rescued from a, possibly, deadly situation. It is your responsibility to help them if you have something that can help them. 

Being a hero will require you to do things that will be uncomfortable and even a bit scary at times. But if you keep in mind the fact that there are people out there that are suffering because they need your services, you will be okay sacrificing temporary comfort for long term satisfaction. So when you go out and prospect and start conversations with people, always keep in mind that you are looking for ways to contribute, help and be a hero to somebody. 

This is the hero's mindset. 

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