How To Overcome Your Fear Of Sales Forever

Many entrepreneurs are uncomfortable with sales.

I don’t blame a lot of people that find it frightening to get into sales without having any background in sales. Even those of us that do have a background in sales can find it pretty scary to think that we are going to get money from somebody.

We have all these ideas about sales because…you know, who hasn’t run up against a pushy sales person who is slick and sleazy and has five answers for everything.

And we’ve all had those experiences where we’ve felt pressured and tight. Nobody likes that.

Not only are we afraid of being seen like that but many of us are also not good at it. We don’t know what to say in a selling conversation.

So, I want to help you get over your fears once and for all.
And you will see how really this is the only way to totally eliminate sales fear.

It’s actually pretty simple and these are things that you probably already know and you’ve thought about before.
But this is really the only way. Here’s a little background:

We are biologically wired in our nervous systems to doubt people that are not confident in what they say. It’s “inborn”, so to say. We are a part of a dominance hierarchy and this hierarchy is older than trees. It’s been around for over 300 million years. Even lobsters have a dominance hierarchy.

Dominance, in this case, is synonymous with competence.

People who are the most competent are the highest in the hierarchy of life and within life there are a plethora of sub-dominance hierarchies.

You have a hierarchy in your home, in you relationships, in your community, state, etc…

The competency level is not about being the BEST in one thing - it’s about being the best in a great number of things.
Your environment is relationships, it’s other people. When you think about your world, 100% of it relates around other people.

By ourselves we are weak, pliable and not the strongest, but together we are unstoppable.

We’ve evolved socially and that’s an important distinction to remember.

When it comes to the dominance hierarchy we look to the person that is most competent for leadership.

So what does this have to do with “sales”?

Well, when you’re thinking about being a good sales person, it’s going to come down to feeling confident that you can handle it.

You are not afraid of anything that you know you can handle.
Imagine a little toddler running up to you and he starts to punch you in the leg. You’re not going to be afraid of the toddler. Why? Because you can easily handle the toddler.

But what if a 250lb man comes and wants to start pounding on you. Well, then your adrenaline will start to surge. Why? Because we’re not entirely sure we can handle that.

It poses a real threat to us.

If you want to eliminate your fear of sales, you have to up your competency level in it. What does that mean?

You have to become more competent in it and learn more about sales. You have to engage more in it. You have to be taught to sell by people who are competent.

Humans learn by mentoring. Seeing, then doing and being corrected. This is why courses don’t work so well. While learning information is good, when it comes to learning a skill, you must DO it and have somebody to correct you on it.

Most people have to be mentored in something in order to get good at it. Why? Because we have to be able to see what we’re doing wrong.
In order to ascend up and become more competent, you have to know what you’re doing wrong.

Selling or persuasion is a skill-set.

And you can learn this skill, just like you learn how to sow, how to ride a bike, etc. You can master the skill-set. If you are just competent in selling, you are not going to be afraid of it anymore.

If you knew how to sell, you’d already have the money.
Unless you don’t correct your course of not being able to sell, you will always be running into this pattern in your life where you won’t have enough money.

That’s why the most important skill you can learn, is selling.

Marketing is the second most important thing to learn. But it comes and goes and the methods change so fast. But as long as you know how to sell, you will be able to make money in your business

If you want to overcome your sales fear, reach out to me, send me a message, or find somebody who is competent and can help you learn this important skill.

It’s the most important skill you can learn.

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