What To Do If You're a Consultant/Coach Who Is Struggling With Your Marketing

Are you a Coach or Consultant that is really struggling with your marketing?
After being in this business for awhile I realize that most coaches and consultants are struggling with marketing because they are not testing long enough. They are not testing long enough because they can't afford to test long enough and they can't afford to test long enough because they don't know how to properly influence on the internet to get others as clients, organically. 

They don't know how to prospect on Social Media. 

They don't know how to influence someone to make a buying decision.

They happen to get clients here and there, sparingly, for not very much money, and kind of out of luck.

I have a saying that, "even a blind squirrel finds a nut". A lot of us are blind squirrels out there.

 Consultants and Coaches don't have a reliable method to go about acquiring new clients. They don't really know what they are doing and go out there half-cocked while beginning  to invest in some marketing that they know little about. This is perfectly normal because it's an ever-changing landscape that needs to be tested all the time and most people can't afford to test all the time. 

 The solution to all this is learning Organic Client Acquisition; focusing in on your organic reach and doing that on whatever platform you like the most and where ever your potential customers are at.

You need to learn how to get an appointment, how to get the attention to get the appointment in the first place and how to talk on the appointment.  You learn all of these things in order to get someone as a client who is also the right person.  Because I've had a lot of people who I don't like as clients and this makes me not like what I do because I don't like them. So you should only do business with people that you like if you're trying to preserve your sanity and enjoy what you do for a living. You'll get more referrals too, if you do that. 

 Here's a recap: You can get  better at marketing if you have more funds to test by knowing how to first do organic client acquisition.

Master in on organic client acquisition: Getting attention, getting appointments, closing on the call and being able to charge fair prices for your services. Doing that will give you the means to test and get some great marketing in place but in order to that you need to have the organic angle in place. 

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